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Monday, August 23, 2010

Uno vinculi

I found a receipt the other day which was for a new chain, cassette and front rings, on it I had written the odometer reading for the time I got Andy to sort it all out for me, that was about 13,000klm ago which is a lot more life than I have previously got from a chain and I reckon it's still got a bit left in it, it's still changing smoothly. I look after my chain pretty well and can fairly confidently say it is never in need for lube, but keeping oil up to it isn't the only thing to keep your drive train happy, keeping it clean helps a lot too.

I'm much better at keeping my chain and stuff clean these days because of the one other thing that was on the receipt, a chain quick link (cheap as chips), Surly Dave put me onto them and I say it has greatly extended the life of my chain because it's heaps easier to take it off and give it a good swim and a brush in a bit of kero, then a good dousing with chain lube. While I have it the chain off it's only minutes before the cassette is in there as well and hey presto ! Shiny. Thank you Surly Dave and thank you awesome bike shop.
We had a great ride yesterday heading out on the Bourke and Wills track up to the monument where half the bunch turned back and the rest headed over to Kyneton then back to Lancefield finishing up with exactly 100k's and my musings for a bit of sunshine didn't go unheard, there is a bike Jesus.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Still winter

Last Sunday's ride really showed how much rain we've had, all the dams and streams are full to overflowing and paddocks partly under water, it's been a long time since we've had such a good (wet) winter and I reckon we'll get more rain yet, but I'm ready for some warmer weather, some nice days when the sun comes up over the hills and starts warming your back on a crisp morning. I don't mind the rain at all, my place looks a picture, I just want it to get warmer.
The cold weather always seems to induce a spell from the bike for me,I've had this week off, trying to beat a cold, not a bad one but enough to give me an excuse not to venture out, which is a bit of a bugger as I was trying to stay on the bike with the plan of riding a few Audax brevets in the coming weeks.
A few Lairs will be riding the Audax Spring into Seymour on the 4th of September and then heading up to Hopetoun the following weekend for the Mallee Routes rides, taking on some fine Dutch hills I expect. These are both great rides, through quite different countryside, Spring into Seymour takes you through mostly flat grazing country which will be green and lush at this time of year with big Redgums dotting the paddocks, where the Mallee is predominantly farms dedicated to cropping and will be hip high with Canola and grain crops. The Mallee is flat but it's challenges come from the headwinds that. can make for a long day in the saddle. You won't see many grand old farm houses here, a lot of them are made of fibro cement with crops going virtually to the back door, you can see for miles and a light in the distance can take a very long time to reach.
The longer Mallee rides take you into Wyperfeld national park where the trees do it pretty tough and are somewhat stunted compared to their cousins on the Seymour ride, We've done this ride when it was scorching hot, in the mid 30C's and in the chilly, wet, low teens.
Drop me a line if you are interested in either of the rides or you can get more info from the Audax Australia website.
There is a ride planned for 9am Sunday morning, meeting in the usual place, just down from the IGA in Lancefield. give me a hoy if your going to be there.


Photos taken on a Mallee Routes ride.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's about time

We've been talking about a mountain bike ride for ages, now Joe has come up with the goods....

As I’m sure most of you are aware, there are a group of us heading to the warmer climate of the United States of America (USA) at the end of August (yep, this month). While we’re not going for long, and we will be back before grand final day, it’s going to be a little while between drinks. To avert the drought I’m going to shoot a little left of centre and organize something a little different as a form of send off in case I feel the need to never return.
The Idea
Well I’m a little bike crazy and a fan of the letter “B” so it’s going to go something like this…

- Bikes

- Beers

- Buddies

- Barbecues

Saturday 28th August I’m optimistic that the weather will be brilliant and I’ve set the wheels in motion (yep, a pun, how odd??) organizing a mountain bike ride around wombat state forest followed by a barbecue. The infamous “Wombat Loop” is around 30km long in it’s entirety, but it’s a nice place to play for those keen on getting their bikes a little bit dirty. Whilst it’s a challenging track both technically and physically, there will be a range of riders out there giving it a go from first timers to (hopefully) the guys that conned me into spending an arm and a leg (pretty much literally by now) on yet another bike. This will mean the pace will be varied and there’ll be a riding companion for everyone.

Riding will commence at 9am and the course will take around 2-4hrs ride depending on skill and fitness level. Barbecue & Beers @ 1pm.

Location (Maps to zoom)

Start for the ride and the barbecue will be located at the dam on Fingerpost Rd. Fingerpost Rd is a dirt road, but well made and is on the LHS of the Old Calder Hwy after taking the Woodend exit and passing Macedon Day Spa (this one’s for the ladies…and Rob) which is located on the right.
Sales Pitch:
What could be better than a day out in the true blue Aussie bush with a few mates, the family, a beer, some car-don-ay and a snag in bread???
Pft… Whatever. Just make it there if you want to be there. A heads up on the meat and cold beer would be nice but you can always BYO or starve if you don’t let me know. Pass the email around the traps as I’ve lost a few good men along the way.


Or you can just let me know in the usual way.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

This week's ride

Hi Gang,
There's a ride planned for Sunday morning, 9am from Lancefield.
Let Andy know if you can make it, or comment on the blog.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday's ride

Hi Folks,
There is a ride planned for 9am Sunday morning from Lancefield, let us know if you're in.