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Monday, September 27, 2010

Maybe next time

Hi gang,
Due to a bit of a hick up, next Saturday's planned fund raiser ride has been called off.
I'm really sorry if this has mucked you up in any way.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ride to give someone a night off

There is a ride coming up on Saturday, 2nd October which will be raising money to give some mums the night off.
All mums deserve a night off, some really, really deserve a night off, Janine Radford is a Lair that has come up with an idea that can go a way to helping out, we can help by doing what we love doing, going for a ride and having a feed and chucking in a few bucks (see flyer-click to enlarge)
Meet Janine...(again)
"Hi, my name is Janine Radford. I am the creator of the Pamper Parents Hearts Project.
This project considers the parents of Autistic children and their every day struggle. They encounter very little support and they never have time to relax, rejuvenate and take some time for themselves.
My inspiration for this project is a 42 year old mother of two boys Louise, and her 4 and 6 year old sons. The 4 year old Hamish Skirka is autistic and non-verbal requiring constant supervision and therapy. Angus who is 6years old does not have autism and has just started school this year. Their father died tragically four years ago placing the demands of autism and child rearing solely on this mother.
The predictable future of this mother and other single parent families of autistic children is that they will be burnt out and exhausted and the health and well being of the parents and ultimately children will suffer.
I want to create the possibility of a future that gives these parents some time to themselves to rejuvenate their soul and spirit and to connect with other families going through similar circumstances.
The Pamper Parents Hearts project consists of four mothers who have children with Autisim or Autisim Spectrum disorder. They will meet at The Farmers Arms Retreat in Lancefield on October 2nd 2010. They will be pampered to a treatment from the Lancefield Day Spa and dine at Annie Smither’s Bistro in Kyneton. Only to return to this glorious Bed and Breakfast for a full night sleep and breakfast the next day. These businesses have taken on making that difference and have donated their wonderful service.
In April 2010 we coordinated successful fundraising cycle event Hamo’s Ride that took cyclists on the challenge of Mt.Macedon. We created the possibility of Louise , Hamish and Angus receiving a Righteous Pup-( an assistance Dog trained to maintain safety and help care for Hamish). They are meeting their new pup in October".

So, if you are able to come along for what will pretty much be a Lairs ride but hopefully a bit bigger let me know by posting a comment or in one of the usual ways and I will give you all the info and let Janine know the numbers.

There is a ride planned for this Sunday, meeting at the usual place in Lancefield at 9am.
Let us know if you can make it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big time

It's great to see a Lair has made to cycling's equivalent to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. I took this photo of Andy early last Summer on the Pyalong -Lancefield rd as we stopped to look over the rewards of a much needed, good spring.
Checkpoint is a wonderful little read that comes with an Audax membership and this is the Spring edition. It always has great yarns about Audax rides all over Australia.
Hopefully we'll again see paddocks full of round bales this summer, definitely we'll do some great rides in the beautiful countryside we're lucky enough to be surrounded by.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday's ride

We've struck it lucky again this week and will be one Steve short of a full peloton (why do his family always have birthdays on Sundays?) Hopefully we can catch up with Hopetoun stories from Meaghan and Peter. Same time (9am) and same place (main street of Lancefield down from the clubrooms). In the meantime you can have a look at another local fundraising ride at
0430 448 120

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday's ride

Whilst Steve is away for the weekend at Hopetoun the rest of us have the chance to do the Green and Gold Challenge over at Kyneton (part of the Daffodil Festival). Starts at 9am at the Velodrome (near the pool in Mollison Street). Fifty or one hundred km options in the beautiful green countryside north of Kyneton. Cheap as and fully catered! Let me know if you can make it. Glo and Helen are tackling the 50, I'll be handing out cake and bananas. This will be Phillip Don's last Audax ride after 14 years. And you can have a special preview of the new checkpoint cover!
Andy 0430 448 120