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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday's Ride

We've decided to acknowledge the passing of winter by moving our start time to 8am, just in time for another cold day. Not to worry, hot coffee at the end of the trail. Same venue though - maybe we can sneak some hills in this week. Subject of the day : guitar construction!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunday's Ride

Nine am at the usual place - bring some Round the Bay stories to stop Andy banging on about the marathon again
give me a ring if you are coming
0430 448 120 or 5429 1751

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Cyclecstasy: The feeling of joy and well being just before a Magpie bites off your ear.
While on a ride last weekend. JD and I ran the gauntlet of the most helmet pecking, shirt pulling ear biting Maggies this side of Meaghan.
It's one thing being swooped, but these guys wanted blood, it wasn't just once, or twice, we were ground zero for about 20k's, we even took turns on the back to try having go's at being the bait. Now I am not saying it was the same bird, but this was certainly a genetic predisposition to picking peoples eyes out. Interestingly, these little beggars did have a particular problem with John and on a couple of sorties were happy to fly over me only to sit on his shoulder and practically pull out his hair for nesting material, might have something to do with the snake some one drew on his back.
My helmet has beak marks and I have perfected a new riding position where I can ride with my head inside my Jersey with holes cut out for my eyes, apparently, John is just able to sleep through the night again without waking up screaming "quick, every body, get back in the house".
If you want to find out where this Ornithological hot spot is, you'll need to show up on Sunday morning at 9am in Lancefield.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Vale, Jure Robic

Late last week we tragically lost cycling's ultra endurance legend, Jure Robic.
Check out The Hudson Valley Randonneur blog for a great post on Jure. No point me trying to say what has already been said so well(a great blog to keep your eye on).
Thanks for the great post Goerge, hope you're well and truly on the mend now.