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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sshhhh, I think he's going to say something !

I have to admit, I cracked the sads when I saw Cadel Evans get off his bike last night and start checking out his back wheel. At first, I thought it was not his bike that was the problem. Cadel then pulled off one of the best rides I've seen, he has left no doubt how tough he really is and how good he really is.
When you hear commentators talking about body language and how good Alberto blah, blah, Cadel makes it all sound like crap. While the Spaniard dances on his pedals, the Aussie looks a Huntsman spider moving from side to side on the bonnet of a car. He has shown me what he's made of and has shown the most important component on a bike is the ticker in the the person who's riding it.
I loved watching Cadel tell Andy Schleck to get stuffed last night when he was asking him to help he and his brother beat him.
If he wins "The Tour", he will be in my opinion the most deserving, as for the whole race, he has been outstanding, and has shown "true grit"
If I'm asked who will win the race, I am still scared to say who my guess is, like Meg, in case I put a mozz on him, but after 3 weeks it's still up in the air, right up untill last night, I was thinking if Thomas Voeckler hangs on he could surprise us in the time trial, since all the experts were saying he would lose the yellow jersey once they got into the high mountains, rriiight !
It's been the best tour I've watched (even without Lance). and it all comes down to tonight, the race of truth.

I plan to drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning, for a ride from Lancefield at 9am. Please let us know if you are coming, 'coz if not I'm staying in bed and heading out later.


Thanks to Joe for his interpretation of the last supper, your talent is being wasted.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunday's Ride

Just checked the weather and doesn't look good at this stage. Ride set for 9am but make sure you ring first otherwise I might just sty in bed. Definitely should have done this last Sunday!
0430 448 120

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rock to lock 200

Hi Guys,
I have come up with a ride which I have submitted to Audax as a permanent, it's a 200 (and for those of you who don't know)a permanent can be ridden at any time, for which you will receive a brevet-providing you are an Audax member and you let me know of your intension to ride it, a week in advance.
The ride goes along the Burke and Wills track then does a lap of Lake Eppalock before heading across to Kyneton and up Mt. Macedon on the way back home.
I will be riding it next Saturday at 8am starting from Lancefield. You Or anyone you wish to invite are all welcome to join in as I have already had a few lairs show interest so there may be a possibility to buddy up with a few others.
Please let me know ASAP if you would like to do the ride next Saturday or feel free to contact me at any other time if you would like to have a go at it.
Please note this ride is unsupported and all Audax lighting rules will apply. check out the Audax website if you are unfamiliar with them.
Check out the ride here :
For more info on Audax permanents, look here :§ionid=12&id=68&Itemid=196
Not being a member does not mean you can't ride it though, so let me know if you are keen anyway.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Go Cadel

Wasn't it great to see Cadel take his stage win the other night. The finish suited him perfectly, he had a similar win in last years Giro. Even after sitting on his wheel Contador didn't have enough to pass him on the line, close though.
It's early days yet and Contador or one of the Schlecks may show their hand tonight or when the mountains get really serious on stage 12, in the past the Spaniard had the potential to make up his lost time on a stage such as 12.
Cadel looks like a new man, he even smiles these days. He looks to have a good team around him, though the mountains is where we will see what they (and he) are made of. I was particularly impressed by their team time trial, very disciplined and a strong ride. I have my fingers crossed.
There is a ride planned for Sunday morning, 9am in Lancefield. Let me know if you can make it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Andrew Oliver

Andrew, one of the original riders who rode with the Lairs, died earlier this week from cancer. He was living up Benloch way with wife Kym in between trips to India to study philosophy. He and Kym taught Yoga locally and also at Gisborne and Andrew took classes in Melbourne, mostly on Sundays so rides with the Lairs went on the back burner. I occasionally ran in to him at the Clubrooms. As with Di Taylor (also in the photo taken at the top of Mt Macedon and also another victim of cancer) he was full of life and leaves us far too early.

Sunday's ride

Steve's going to sleep in but no excuse for the rest of us. Nine am in the usual place, byo rainjacket. Let me know if you are coming, I've ridden to work and then some today so may stay in bed if I haven't got anyone to meet for coffee!