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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Lairs do Semaine Federale

All the planning and packing is well and truly done and the last of the Lairs that had intended head to over for Semaine Federale are now in France.
I thought it about time that an update for the rest of you was in order.
Kerrie, Craig and Jack arrived in the South of France about three weeks ago and have spent most of their time in Vinsobres in a house Kerrie describes as one “just like in the photos”. They have had fantastic weather there apart from her second climb up Mont Ventoux where she was caught in a thunder storm and very strong winds.
They have climbed Mont Ventoux twice taking a different route up each time, the medium then hardest of course.
Kerrie has, as many others often remark on how many cyclists are there and the respect that motorists afford them….Maybe one day here!
Young Jack also took the opportunity to test himself against the French in a MTB race so I’m looking forward to see how he went.
After their stint in Vinsobres they headed for Paris for a few days and to watch the the finish of Le Tour where they will meet up with the others for Semaine Federale.
Ken and John and are now also in France but have been in Germany for the last couple of weeks, It seems car museums and beer halls have been the main attraction for them (no surprises here).
I hear some bad weather them couped up in their tent for 14 hrs, I can only imagine what Ken would have been like, not a kick back and read kind of guy. I believe John has survived the ordeal
My last message from Ken had them on a train? Heading to Lyon with 3 days before they met the others.
Andy, Glo, Meaghan (Mad Dog) and Pete all left Melbourne last Sunday and will be spending a few days in Paris before heading to Saint Pourcain Sur Sioule for the week of organised rides.
I checked out the Semaine Federale website to check it out only to find it was all in French, fair enough so I clicked on the “SF is now available in English” tab and found that to be…In French.
Will keep you updated when I hear more from the crew.
BTW, thanks to Nick Burridge for designing the new Lairs Jersey, it looks fantastic.


Plucked the photo from the web

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sunday's ride

Usual time usual place. If you want to risk it come naked and Meaghan may be able to provide a jersey. Interstate visitor coming tomorrow and we can have half the ride Steve less.
See you at nine

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ride of the week

All organised for a late night in front of the tele. Tour programme, munchies, beer, wine and later coffee.
Oh, and Mad Dog's number ready for our late night le texting.
There is a ride on tomorrow at 9 am, even if it's sunny, which it won't be.