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Monday, March 29, 2010

Murray to Moyne

The Lairs were again off to places far last weekend. Having the opportunity to participate in this year's Murray to Moyne, we met in Kyneton at 6am on Saturday morning and headed off in the 2 team buses to the start at Echuca.
It's a 520km relay ride which goes from (in our case) Echuca to Port Fairy. Our team had 12 riders which consisted of 3 crews of 4, doing legs of 30-40k's each crew.
We were invited along by the fantastic people of the Kyneton Ambulance Auxiliary, for whom we raised sponsorship.
What a brilliant ride made even more so by a wonderful 5 star support crew, who's years of experience on the event showed organization at it's best. With everything run to precision, not only were we at met at carefully chosen changeover points but on our many meal stops we had a choice of at least 4 hot meals plus anything else a hungry cyclist could crave for.
After each leg we would get on the bus to be greeted by the magic hands of our masseurs Pip and Amelia to give our legs a fair dinkum, get you back on the bike feeling fresh massage. My calculations had them dishing out somewhere near 50 massages.
The ride took us through Kotta, Mitiamo, Durham ox, Charlton, St. Arnaud, Stawell- where lights and vests were fitted and a slightly unnerving chat with bloke who just may have forgotten why he was standing at a urinal but still waxing lyrical about those pesky tourists, locals and any other unsuspecting demographic that found it's way into his clouded scone, Moysten, Willaura and Dunkeld to the 428km rest stop at Hamilton at 11.45ish pm.
Passing through some beautiful countryside and small towns a real hi lite was riding past the Grampians at dusk then scooting along in the little cocoon your lights create for you once it gets dark.
We slept in one of the pavilions at the Hamilton show grounds till 6am and were back on the bikes at 7, where the twelve of us then rode together for the last 93km into Port Fairy, beating the rain by an hour.
Riding turns in a pace line, we were able to average just over 30kph for the ride, which is not a style of riding we usually adopt but relished on the day, especially with the light wind and warm weather.
Our team mostly rode alone but had short stints with other bunches when it worked out, but it seemed to work best when we did things for ourselves.
I think I can speak for all the gang and say we had a ball on this ride. It was brilliant to be able to show up at an event like this and just ride.
A huge thanks to Phillip for asking us along in the first place, but also to the rest of the support crew: Michelle, Michael, Keiran, Shaun, Richie, Jaxon, Vince, Greame, Kath, Pip, Amelia, Les Corinna, Darryl, Kerry, Gail and Leanne who all looked after us cyclists first and foremost with genuine hospitality.
The riders were: Gary, Paul, Matt, Phil, Adrian, Myra, Steve A, Nick, John D, Dave C,Leigh and Steve.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Done and dusted

Well that's another Oppy done, and what a fantastic weekend of cycling in great countryside with great friends.
Starting from Sunbury, Lancefield and Strathfieldsaye the teams had a gift from the weather gods and spent the most of the ride in warm sunshine and light winds, except for night time when the sun was a little harder to spot.
Our team started in Lancefield then went through Trentham, Creswick, Avoca, St Arnaud, Dunolly and had our long stop in Marong before riding the last 25km to Strathfieldsaye.
Corny jokes were always only a Barry away.
Our fantastic support crews (when we could keep them out of the pubs and antique stores) kept us well fed and watered, the high lite for me was the Pizza in St. Arnaud, thank you very much guys and gals.
For quite a few of the crew the 360 k's and the 180k(in the Petit Oppy) was their longest distance on a bike, so well done.
It was great to see every member of the Moores de Lancefield riding the Oppy this year, would have been a good time to have shares in a sunscreen supplier.
Thanks to all I rode with for again making this my favourite ride. Congratulations to all of you and thanks also to Martin and Libby and all the Voulenteers for making this, in my opinion, Audax' best ride.
On the ride were Andy, Aidan, Trivess, Barry, Paul, Peter B, Peter D, Ken, Joseph, Steve, Glo, Siobhan, Meaghan, Allison, John D, Leigh, Ewan Adrian, Steve, Johan and Myra.
Keeping us on the ride were John, Bill, Andrea, Donna and Stuart.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fleche Opperman

This Saturday around 20 Lairs will be making up 4 teams in this year's "Oppy" and "Petit Oppy". For those of you who have somehow escaped all the Oppy talk, the ride is organized by Audax and consists of a minimum of 360km in 24 hours, the Petit is 180k's, both starting anywhere you like but finishing in Strathfieldsaye, Victoria at 8am Sunday morning.
Good Luck to all participating in this year's ride, the weather report looks great.
2 sleeps to go.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday's Ride

After the rain the sun has come out. Ride at 8am from the usual spot for a bit of Oppy training. Let me know if you are coming - either send a comment, give me a ring 0430 448 120 or email

Friday, March 12, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

You would have to be crazy to do it in the rain

Notwithstanding the weather forecast, if anyone is interested there will be a lairs ride from the usual spot tomorrow at 8am. The Audax ride is also on so there should be lots of riders about town. Let me know if you are coming because if the weather really is bad I may just stay in bed
Andy 0430 448 120