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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Just a quick reminder to those of you planning to do the Spring into Seymour next Saturday, register your intention to ride with Carolyn via the Audax website as soon as possible.
There is a ride planned for this Sunday 9am from Lancefield.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Long Rocks Run

Hi Gang,
Since the Audax Green and Gold Challenge had been cancelled, I have been asked to step up and organize a ride in it’s place. So I’ve come up with the “Long Rocks Run”.
I have been meaning to get off my behind and put a bit back into the club, since I have been lucky enough to enjoy quite a few brevets now.
Audax is a great club and has a lot to offer the likes of us and always throws up a great challenge on the many rides that are held through the year, pretty much every weekend.
While the rides are a terrific to be part of it’s fantastic to ride with many of the great people that participate in these rides. For those of you who are yet to do an Audax brevet, you don’t know what your missing.
The ride will be held on Saturday 10th September from Lancefield and consists of 50 and 100km ride options, through what will be to many of us familiar territory and those who are yet to ride in these parts a great opportunity to see some beautiful countryside.
Highcamp, Pyalong, Mt. Macedon and Hanging Rock will be the main attractions on this ride.
If any of you or your mates would like to join in let me know by the Tuesday before the ride. Check the Audax website for more info and registration details : Click here


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunday's ride and one for the diary

There is a ride planned for Sunday morning at 9am.
Come along and you may get a chance to shake the hand that shook Cadel's.
Let me know if you aren't up the snow and can make it for a ride.
By the way, a mob of Lairs will be heading to Seymour on the 3rd of September to do the Audax, Spring into Seymour ride. Distances are 150-200km. Register with Audax if you would like to tag along. This is a great ride and has become a regular on the Lairs calendar. I think most will be doing the 150.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Has it been a year already ?

Yep, was swooped big time last weekend and again during the week. They're here and they're angry. But they don't eat much.
Ride planned for 9am Sunday morning in Lancefield, let us know if you are intending to put in an appearance.
Please attach some cable ties and wobbly eye balls to you're helmet. I don't know if it deters the magpies but god, it amuses me.