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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sunday's ride

Usual place, 8am everyone welcome
See you there

Saturday, October 24, 2015

One month to go

After this weekend we only have four more till we head up to Bright. I can't wait, especially if we have the kind of weather we've been having lately. 
It's been great with all the extra trips we've had up Macedon, unusual for us so early in the summer.
It was great to have a visitor riding with us last weekend,hope Owen can make it back sometime soon.
Ride is planned for tomorrow at 8 am, See you in Lannie.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

A loose chin strap on ride to work day

If you click on the image you'll be able to read what Melbourne's finest were up to on a day which is set up to encourage cycling in Oz.
While I would probably encourage folk to wear a helmet that fits well, how about the two dickheads that actually fined the girl for this. What a great job, imagine getting home that night and thinking "ahh, the streets are a safer place thanks to me, think I deserve a nice biscuit. Reckon I can get another day out of that shirt too".
Don't worry about parking somewhere that has regular cycle traffic and addressing motorists that come within a whisker of killing someones mum, dad, friend...whatever. No, go and harass people for getting off their asses on a beautiful morning and enjoying life a bit. Or maybe go and park that highway patrol car on Kew boulevard and doing something to deter the tool that keeps laying tacks for cyclists tyres.I could suggest a great spot for them to stick  their two fingers.
AND ANOTHER THING, There's a ride on at 8 am tomorrow, be great to see you.
It's Leo's birthday tomorrow.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sunday's ride

8am in the usual place, fires permitting
And good luck to any lair who is going round the bay

Bush fires and It's only October.

I've just come in off the veranda after watching a thunderstorm roll in, it's still raining and it's lovely.
Thunderstorms are pretty normal in central Victoria at this time of year but fires aren't.
A big fire Flared up in the Cobaw Ranges on Tuesday and has been going uncontrolled till yesterday where the weather has brought it into check.
The Pics both show areas where the Audax Rock to Lock pass through, the top is the decent down Straws lane on Mount Macedon and the below is the Cobaws in which the Burke and Wills track runs through.
Burke and Wills will be quite a contrast to previous years, I hope the recovery is quick, much wildlife will be affected, not forgetting the folk who've have lost homes.
I'm running the ride on November 14th and hope a few of you can make it, check the Audax calendar for details.
There is a ride planned for tomorrow morning at 8 am. let us know if you can make it.



Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ride, rode..Back to early starts.

With the lairs trip to Bright planned for late November a few of us have become keen to do some hills in preperation for Mount Hotham and the back of Falls Creek. With that in mind Meg came up with the plan of an early start yesterday for a morning on Macedon. We started from various points and rode and meet at the park of the bottom of the South side climb.
Glo And I headed off from Newham and climbed the College road in perfect conditions.
The beautiful weather worked to entice stacks of riders out with many passing us on their way down as we headed up for our first climb.
Glo surprised me when she announced she would head down and give South side a go. She made it up as expected...without a hitch.
Meg, Pete, Kerrie, Janine, Mat and I also headed off from the park for a ripper time on the hill. Top bit of planning MD.
Riding home from Last Sunday's ride I took the opportunity to do exactly what I'd wanted the new bike for. About 15k from home I turned left onto Zig Zag road and took to the dirt on the back roads to home. I had a ball, so many nice roads close to home.
Ride is on for tomorrow at 8 am starting from the usual spot in Lannie. Hope you can make it.