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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three weeks of this...

Sleep deprivation: check.
Too much snack food:check.
Grumpy with the kids:check.
Back problems from slouching in the couch:check.
Even shorter attention span:check.
And these are the positives...Ohh Yehhh, it's Tour time.
I'm "happy as Bro".
Though I'm not too sure about what happened in the first few stages. I don't like the idea of tour organizers coming up with a route that is potentially or likely to take out some of the best riders, nor do I like the idea that some riders decide for the rest of the peleton not contest the finish of a stage, all this should be sorted prior to the start of the race. Is there a body that is representing the riders comrade ?
Now, just to contradict myself, I loved the cobbles and from a spectators perspective would love to see them again, but I'm not sure if that would be right. Maybe when I'll go and see my Guru and get back to you on that one.
Meaghan has has also introduced me to the Fantasy tour (I was a Suspect when she first mentioned it, as the thought of Peter in Lycra and a feather boa left me feeling a bit uneasy) and now I'm hooked, having all those millions to spend on cyclists. I have just traded Mark Cavendish back for Alberto Contador, Oh the power.
So tonight they head for the mountains.
There is a ride on tomorrow at the special Tour time of 9.30 am from Lancefield.
Let us know if it's for you.
Photo is of just one of the riders that won't be on the Tour, a crash last weekend showed us his famous hovercraft falling technique(also known as the Jesus manoeuvre) , where you crash your bike at speed but manage not to land heavily on the road, coming to rest at a much safer speed than when you actually left the upright position, resulting far more minor injuries than we expected to scrape him off the ground with. Hope to see you Sunday John.

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  1. This retirement caper is great. Get to watch the Tour all night and still get a good sleep.Myra, Steve A and I will see you all tomorrow.