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Monday, August 23, 2010

Uno vinculi

I found a receipt the other day which was for a new chain, cassette and front rings, on it I had written the odometer reading for the time I got Andy to sort it all out for me, that was about 13,000klm ago which is a lot more life than I have previously got from a chain and I reckon it's still got a bit left in it, it's still changing smoothly. I look after my chain pretty well and can fairly confidently say it is never in need for lube, but keeping oil up to it isn't the only thing to keep your drive train happy, keeping it clean helps a lot too.

I'm much better at keeping my chain and stuff clean these days because of the one other thing that was on the receipt, a chain quick link (cheap as chips), Surly Dave put me onto them and I say it has greatly extended the life of my chain because it's heaps easier to take it off and give it a good swim and a brush in a bit of kero, then a good dousing with chain lube. While I have it the chain off it's only minutes before the cassette is in there as well and hey presto ! Shiny. Thank you Surly Dave and thank you awesome bike shop.
We had a great ride yesterday heading out on the Bourke and Wills track up to the monument where half the bunch turned back and the rest headed over to Kyneton then back to Lancefield finishing up with exactly 100k's and my musings for a bit of sunshine didn't go unheard, there is a bike Jesus.


  1. That Surly Dave bloke is pretty sharp.

    Sounds like your chain is about five years old now. There's a good cheap Park tools gauge you can use on them to check their wear. I recommend it highly.

  2. After your last gem,I'd be mad to ignore that recommendation, hell, I might even go out and get myself a stemCAPtain.