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Friday, November 12, 2010

Rider On The Storm

There's a fair bit of cycling in our neck of the woods this weekend and it's all centered around Mt. Macedon.
On Saturday it's the Mount Macedon Challenge then on Sunday it's the Ride for Bikes. The weather on Saturday especially, looks pretty bad, not too cold but maybe a lot of rain. so things could be pretty on the hair pins on the way down.
It seems one of Victoria's best kept cycling secrets is out, but it's no surprise, Macedon is a little ripper. It's got it all, the Woodend side is about 7km at about 5%, the South side is 6km at about 7% with significant sections of a nasty 13 and 14%, then Straws Lane is somewhere between the two. But Macedon is more than just the road, it's a beautiful place, really good views and the wooded areas have some fantastic examples of Mountain Ash Eucalypts which you just don't find anywhere else around here.
Macedon has been a great introduction to climbing for a lot of us and was my first ever go at a decent climb, I'll never forget the first time I did the south side, just when you think it's going to taper off a bit you turn a corner and it kicks up again.
I've pretty much had two weeks off the bike now (apart from one sad little effort last week) and am itching to get out and try the knee, so I'll be riding Sunday rain, hail or shine, if you're not doing one of the other rides you can join me at 8am in Lancefield.
Let me know if you're coming.


Special mention to Meaghan and Janine, I hear there's been some secret training going on up in those fore mentioned hills.

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