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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Worth getting out of bed for.

I haven’t had a sleep in for a long time and last Saturday was to be the day, I woke only because of the sound of an incoming text message, it was from Jacqui, “What size bike do you ride ? there is a 54cm Rubaix at our bike shop”.
It was 9.45am, a win/win situation. I got out of bed and headed to the PC to check it out.

I don’t need a new bike, we’ve had to stop wrapping the kids lunches in $100 bills, in fact it was almost impossible to justify, almost, I just really, really wanted it.
It’s got a blah, blah, blah group set and the frame is yu3gfvag7frnn, the top tube angle is twentyfourtensixtythreeeleven and was hand made in Taizealandstan.
I just f#*(ing love it.


  1. I'm don't know much about carbon fibre bikes, racer-boy, but I reckon it will go a whole lot better with pedals on it.

  2. next you'll be wanting me to buy a chrome pump and those things that clip around your pants to stop them getting caught in your chain.

  3. Nice machine Steve.
    Looks kind of stealth.
    Next it will be a skin suit and aero helmet!

  4. so pretty!! Matt black is where its at!! So excited for you! Enjoy, Jacq