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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just what I thought it would feel like

I've had a good run avoiding crashes, till last Sunday, where I had a proper one.
Riding back in to Lanfefield after having done one of the nicest rides you could do around here, I hit a ridge in the road which sent me on my way to Hurtville.
I've banged up my knee, shoulder, elbow and hip. My helmet is now a trophy and I'm feeling a bit like a tree which has been ring barked, with lots of war wounds to dress and clean. My hip and knee are the worry as it feels, unsurprisingly, more than skin deep, but today it all feels a bit better and I reckon I'll be right pretty quick.
I have had to miss what was going to be my first go at an Audax 600, but am just about to head into Lancefield to keep Andy company at the control point in the Tennis club rooms.
My bike is pretty banged up but is now rideable again thanks to Guru Andy, but i'm sad that it has lots of battle scars too.
But here's the lucky part, thankfully I was riding with my mates (only a small bunch of us headed out). They looked after me while I was lying on the side of the road, cleaned me up and got me home. Glo made sure my bits and pieces were properly dressed, Andy took my bike home and got it going again, Leigh pounced on it before it got flattened by a car or brought anyone else down and dragged it and me off the road then went and got his car, while Adam, Ken and Adele helped make sure I was OK.
One of the first things that came to my mind was "thank god it's not my new bike" even while I was thinking I may have broken my collarbone.
Thanks guys, and thanks to all of you that called to check up on me this week.
Next time I see a rider continuing to ride in "The Tour", I will have a new respect for how tough "he" is.
So for you lucky buggers there are rides planned for both Sunday and Monday.
Sundays ride start from the Lancefield tennis club at 8am and can be extended to a 100 or 200km Audax brevet for those of you who are keen or you can just do a Lairs ride with the others if that more for you, give andy a quick call if you would like more details.
There is also a ride planned for Monday morning from the usual spot in Lancefield at 8, let Andy know if you are in.

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