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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Summery Sunday

Looking at the forecast lately seldom shows the daily temperature under 30c, I reckon we would have had less than 5 days sub 30c since Christmas on my side of the divide, tomorrow will be no exception with the gang at the BOM forecasting 34c.
I thought it would be nice to have a cooler ride till I got to thinking about our cold winters and how much I long for summer on the rides where I spend ages getting dressed and motivated to head out into the cold and dark. I'm far from being "over" summer.
I'll probably be off doing an Audax permanent 200 tomorrow but there will still be a group heading out of Lancefield at 8am, let Andy know if you can make it.
I will be running the Audax Rock to Lock 200 on Saturday 6th of April for those of you looking for a longer one about then, get in touch with me or check out the Audax Calendar for details.


NOTE: Just checked BOM records for Dec-Jan...I was out by a mile.15 days below 30 (but not much).

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  1. I will be there representing the City Lairs. Did the Irene Plowman 100 last night and what a beautiful ride it was particularly as wee Ronnie didn't burn the sausages like he did last year. see you all tomorrow.