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Friday, January 1, 2010

Testing, testing...

G'day Folks,
Welcome to the Lancefield Lairs Blog.
I was wondering about how to kick this off and decided the best way would be to go over some of what Lairs did in 2009.
January saw a bunch of us training like crazy for the Audax Alpine Classic for which we gathered in Bright to take it on on a scorcher of a day.
In March, three Lancefield Lairs teams entered what is probably my favourite ride, the Oppy. Unlike the past two years, this year's ride was in perfect conditions and the lame jokes didn't start until well after dark and I'm pretty sure I didn't hear the word "dick" once in the first 12 hours (though things declined rapidly after that).
Through the winter we rode on some fairly challenging days, the toughest was the night we got snowed on while decending Mt. Macedon in the dark.

September saw some of us do the "Spring into Seymour" then head to Hopetoun, Vic. to do the 200k Audax, Mallee Routes ride which is another ride I love..The ride of the perpetual head wind.
Lots more "Sunday rides", then it was "Around the bay" in November and "The Great Vic".
We did rides to Pyalong, where the hills and country side are amazing and rides up Mt. Macedon on beautiful sunny mornings.
Our youngest Lair, 11 yo Angus(my son) started doing the odd ride with us-egged on to sprints by the lads.
More Cafe's were discovered, along with studies into whether you can see Cholesterol in a human from space.
And now, it's Alpine Classic time again, HILLS, HILLS, HILLS.
We'll be using this blog to post our rides, keep an eye on it for the next ride and make a comment after the ride post if you think you might be there, just so we don't drive down to Lancefield to find no-one there, as occasionally the planets align and everyone's doing their hair or just make a comment for the sake of it.
There will be a ride in the next day or two so create a short cut.




  1. Good stuff! who was the genius that thought this up? Whoo hoo
    A. Pandy

  2. Great idea Steve. Now I won't feel so bad as I can make specious comments as often as I like. ;)