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Friday, January 1, 2010

First Ride of the New Year 2010

After a fun filled night at Steves's (who would have thought that we would see the new year in playing indoor cricket?), Ken and I agreed to meet for a ride first thing - well what passes for first thing on New Year's Day! The Burke and Wills track allowed us to keep out of the wind and to tackle a few hills to keep us honest. After a warm-up slog up Big Hill we cruised past Knight's Winery and rocketed down to the Benloch junction where we both had a break as we looked at the hill we had just come down and now had to ride back up. We did have an alternative which was a 50k loop around through Kyneton, which also had a few hills.
Fortunately the steep bits aren't long and after dropping the chain off Barry's bike we powered up past Knight's, day-dreaming of their red wines. Foggy up on the top, not much traffic then back down to the main road and a noticable increase in temperature as Ken headed to his place and I to mine to find Glo going for a run. Well that's it - Ken and I have ridden every day this year!

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  1. Sounds good Andy. I was going to ride this morning but it was raining in Point Lonsdale. So Donna and I drove to Queenscliff for a coffee. So far I haven't ridden at all this year!!