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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Over it

It's a fickle time of year, for every perfect spring day you get far too many cold wintery days for my liking, it's hard to get into a pattern. In winter, I just know it's going to be crappy and don't get my hopes up for anything else.
After the weather we had just a couple of weeks ago you start imagining being able to put the longs away for the season and enjoy the sun for a bit, but I know better and give myself a mental slap back to reality. I actually didn't go for a ride twice this week coz' I let it get the better of me (soft) then I end up getting grumpy for not going, so I'm just about to head out for a quick one, there's a bit to do around home for anything longer.
I don't do cold well and struggle to imagine what it would be like as a cyclist in other parts of the world where cold is really cold, I imagine I would turn all my efforts to maintain my fitness to something like wood turning.
Bring on the days of squirting people with your bidon.
Tomorrow's ride starts in Lancefield at 9, let us know if you're in.

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