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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Perfect world

Being on my bike lets me get away from the challenges that a week in an adults life presents. It's a bit of free therapy. So it would be nice if the Rednecks would just leave me alone for that precious bit of time out that I have.
I try to work out why it's necessary to harass the likes of me/us and why it is that we are seen in such a poor light. Are we slowing people down, are we being reckless, perhaps we are drinking your coffee? I know many motorists just don't like to see us on their road and I guess there is a bit of envy when we seem to be enjoying ourselves or just getting fit when folk are feeling guilty about that last ciggy and packet of chips they washed down with a can of fizzy stuff. And I haven't forgotten about you blokes trying to impress your mates in your souped up piece of shit.
Of coarse some folk are just pricks and hate seeing people having fun.
I just wish they would leave me alone.....Go and pester the dickheads that watch reality TV shows and the judges on X Factor- oh, that's probably you.
I'll try again tomorrow. There's a ride planned for the Summer time of 8am from Lancefield, let me know if you'll be there.


  1. better known as wankers.i wont see you tomorrow.Fly on those roads and enjoy the freedom .