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Friday, June 1, 2012

Beauty and the beast

The girl and I headed out a couple weeks ago in an attempt to tame the beast down the road.
The map doesn't tell you much and in fact it's only a short ride but the detail it has no chance of showing is the effort she put in, or how I felt when she made it to the top and slumped over her handlebars unable to get off her bike, in fact I was choked up, mostly because I reckon the main reason she was so determined to get up was to impress her dad.
At about 600m in length it averages out at about 10% but I reckon the first third would be somewhere near 12-14.
There's a ride planned for Sunday morning at the winter softy start time of 9am from Lancefield. Let me know if you can make it.
While we're talking beasts, during the first stage of this week's Tour of Luxembourg there was a great display of some vintage Jens Voigt, when asked about his late attack he came up with some classic Jens, "It felt like the good ol' days with Jensie off the front, everyone chasing from behind, people hating me because I'm attacking all the time…….It was beautiful," he said. "Like I always say: 'It's better to be on the giving end of pain rather than on the receiving end'."
Hope to see you Sunday.

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  1. I'm coming on my lonesome. Will enjoy the extra hours sleep. Off to the footy now. Go Bombers.