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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Awesome to ordinary

What a week at Le Tour, far more crashes than I'd like to see, you really want to see the best man win not the most lucky or the least injured.
Cadel has really landed on his feet at BMC, you have to be impressed with the way the lads are looking after him and their tactics so far.
I'm a bit worried about the time Wiggins will make on our boy in the time trials but Cadel is still my pick to win.
I'm a bit bemused with the Lance Armstrong witch hunt, it's never been a secret that I reckon he's a bit of a god, and I'd be devastated if anything is ever proven to show him a cheat, but I'm keeping the faith.
Whats the go with this stuff the Dutch papers are saying? Assuming it is true, how is it that the fab four could only get a six month suspesion, which won't take effect till the off season for admitting to taking drugs ???
This shows how desperate the USADA is to get Armstrong, even if he is a drug cheat (did I say I think he isn't) it's a bit like giving Charles Manson an Indian arm burn in the hunt for Jack the ripper.
Anyway, there's a ride planned for the TDF friendly time of 9am from LANCEfield tomorrow. Let me know if you can make it.

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  1. The City Lairs will be there. Brrrrrrrrrr.