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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Man flu...Girls are sooo lucky!

I'm on my third cold for the year. I've had a good run recently and have been feeling pretty good on the bike as I'm building up to the GSR . It seems though that often after a long ride or an intense period of training of which I've had both recently I can bank on a spell off the bike, something we all feel we can do without and can find extremely frustrating
Since the Audax Bendigo 600 three weeks ago I have only been on the bike a hand full of times and even then only only short periods, not ideal when you're trying to keep things consistent and building your fitness.
It's still frustrating but these days I almost allow for a period off the bike after a long ride and even though it's only for a lingering cold which I would often back off for but still ride through if it's not particularly bad, it still allows time for the other niggles to come good, you've heard me, saddle sores, achilles, crook neck, they all benefit from a bit of a rest.
I reckon your immune system does get a bit knocked around and just about every second person that walks through the office has a sniffle just dying to launch itself at you.
So, luckily on this occasion my man flu hasn't been fatal and I reckon I might be getting on top of it but it was touch and go for a day or two.
There is a ride planned for tomorrow at 9am in Lannie, hope WE can make it.


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