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Saturday, January 1, 2011


The start of a new calendar year to some also means the looking back on the previous years cycling and setting new goals for the one ahead. On the whole the last twelve months on the bike have been great for me, another "Oppy " with a bunch of you Guys, and my first go at the "Murray to Moyne" both of which I enjoyed immensely, Mallee Routes again and all the other rides we've done as Lairs.
I enjoyed keeping track of Andy, Glo and Peter as they rode across Italy and loved watching some of the newer and younger Lairs go from strength to strength over longer and steeper rides.
I've said it to all of you before but again this years high lite was the Oppy, the format of the ride is fantastic, as is the aspect of riding through the night with little or no sleep seeing only what is in the beam of your light, but most importantly riding it with a bunch of mates is the pinnacle of my cycling year. It was made extra special this year by seeing all of Andy and Glo's family making up various lairs teams. It's also a real buzz having Lairs doing their first of hopefully many and seeing the enjoyment they get out of it.
The low point had to be THE BIG CRASH from a couple of weekends ago.

My knee....Seems to be under control at the moment, thanks mostly to some good advice, a Physio who understands cyclists knees and more set up adjustments. The hardest part in managing it has been the battle between knowing it needs to be rested (properly) and desperation to be out riding.

I'm still planning the next twelve months but have the bones worked out, come for a ride tomorrow and you can find out what some of them are or if you are not that desperate for conversation have a fun ride on what looks to be a great day with the rest of the crew.

8am in the usual place, hope to see a heap of you.

Thanks to all of you for being part of another great Lairs year.


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