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Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm still on holidays so decided to do this (Tooborac - Daylesford and back) ride on Thursday.
I set off from home at 7.30am on a stunning morning and the weather warmed all day reaching the low 30's by the early afternoon.
I had a head wind for the 25k into Lancefield, but nothing too much to deal with, a quick stop to top up my bidons at the servo then the 23k leg to Woodend where I was to meet up with Joseph outside the Holgate brewery, I had the trusty peanut butter and honey sandwich while he got organized and longed for just a tiny pint to wash it down with but that would have ended it all there and then.
Riding the 24k of undulations between Woodend and Trentham were a case of me trying to hang on to Joe as he cruised, he wasn't even trying. I thought my life would become a little easier when his front derailleur started playing up and forced him to ride on the small ring, but no such luck, he just picked up the cadence and off he went. This section of road is beautiful farming land and a bit of bush thrown in as a few of you will recall from last year's Oppy.
I stuffed down a muesli bar in Trentham and took off for the next 23k leg to Daylesford using the promise of lunch as motivation.
It was great to get to Daylesford for a yummy meal at Muffy's cafe, where we had stopped before on another ride, no trouble getting our bottles filled as the owner was a really nice bloke.
Joe took the chance to fix his derailleur with my tools, as in typical style he wasn't carrying any.
The ride home was more down than up but that didn't make it much easier to stay with the boy wonder.
We were back in Woodend at around 2.30-3 pm and after a quick cake and a drink at the bakery it was time to say "see ya" to Joe and grind the last 50 ish k's home on my own.
Not that I don't know how strong Joe is on a bike but he does it so easily and it's a pleasure to watch such an efficient and smooth pedalling style. He could have dropped me at any time but never even allowed a gap to form between us, too nice for that.
The day was a real slog for me but still a great ride at a bit under 200k's.
There is a ride planned for 8am Sunday morning, from the usual place, see you there.

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