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Monday, February 15, 2010


This is Dave, sometimes Dave likes to ride a mountain bike and he usually likes to ride it fast. When Dave rides his mountain bike fast, sometimes he likes to go over jumps, and this is where things get a bit complicated. You see, people make mistakes, and it's not good if you make a mistake when you are going over a jump on a mountain bike, because then you could crash.
If you look closely at Dave's head you will see a big graze on it...Dave had a crash.
Having a crash on your' mountain bike, when you are going fast and going over a jump is bad, because you can smash your' helmet in two and graze your' head, and that hurts.
Having a crash on your' mountain bike when you are going fast over a jump is also bad because you have to land some where, and it's no good if that place is on a
bull ant's nest because those angry little buggers could bite you eighteen times, and that would hurt a lot too.
Poor Dave.

Please stop crashing.

Sundays ride had Ken, John D, Myra, Leigh, Steve and I head up the Bourke and Wills
track and work our way across to Kyneton. Ken and John had things to do so turned off before we got to 3 Chain Rd. Once in Kyneton we headed across to Tyledon then to Woodend. Head winds and cars were both prevalent between the two towns, so Woodend and it's bakery were a welcomed sight.
Back on more familiar roads we headed for home, doing our best to avoid the traffic the Hanging Rock picnic and the swap meet were generating.
By the time we got back to Lancefield we had clocked up 100 Klm and another great ride.


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