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Friday, February 5, 2010

Last Sunday, Next Sunday

Sunday's ride..... eight o'clock in the usual place.
Last Sunday..... was a short and sweet 38k with a couple of new lairs. Cast was Steve, Meaghan, Peter, Alex and Nick (Burridges won the family competition!), Andy, Glo Trivess, Pete and Jacquie Ginn, Anthony and last but not least Robert. Nearly half the riders are under 30! and nearly half these riders are on steel bikes!(not that anyone was counting). Perfect timing got us all back to the Mad club rooms just as they opened at ten. Iced coffee won the day. Alex missed out as she took the short cut home.
The Moores and Burridges headed down to Donnybrook to help Leigh celebrate his 60th - crickets loss was our gain!
see you Sunday

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