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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A wish come true

As a dad, I wish a bit of me rubs off on my kids, apart from things like my thoughts on the environment, racial justice or the Bombers winning another premiership, I'd really like my kids to get into cycling.
This old photo was taken around 1946 and shows four mates who got together and decided to ride from Melbourne to Mildura. Take a look at what they are wearing-the Lycra is well hidden under their shirts and long pants, the fella on the left would surely be hoping to spot a tiger and perhaps make a rug out of it. I'm guessing the road to Mildura would have been a fair bit rougher than today and dirt for a lot of the way.
The bloke on the right is a lucky guy, for one thing, he's off on an adventure with his mates, but I think he's had a wish come true. His son has turned out to be a pretty nice bloke, he looks out for his mates and he rides a bike...a lot, and he loves it.
His name was John Maxwell Thornton, Leigh's dad, I think he would say he's had a wish come true.

John Maxwell Thornton 1928-2001

There is a ride planned for this Sunday morning at 8am, meeting at the usual place in Lancefield, hope you can make it.

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